add Wardrobe Styling

$150.00 - $450.00

Olesja is truly an artist when it comes to wardrobe styling, and has a tremendous know-how on how to style the kids and teens so they look their best and get as many direct bookings off the photos as possible.

Olesja has styled countless magazine editorials (just see the photo of one of her editorial styles broken down in the Poster Child magazine attached here).

She has a unique skill in "tuning into" your teen's moody vibe and choosing the clothes they will love (parents are always thrilled with that since they fail to please their teens at times with the wardrobe choice).

Olesja spends many hours shopping/selecting/putting together the clothes for the looks in your chosen sizes, thus this service is available as prepayed only. This allows Olesja to get the best clothing for your child/teen in their size.

Be that a commercial or editorial look, we will dress your child/teen so they stand out from competition.

*The wardrobe styling fee is non-refundable. Most of the time and expense is spent prior to the session itself.
** The fee is for shopping/shipping/styling services. The value of clothes exceeds 3x and more the amount of the styling fee. The clothes are returned back to showrooms and stores or can be purchased by the parent if there is such an option.