• Image of Deposit - DANCE & FASHION
  • Image of Deposit - DANCE & FASHION
  • Image of Deposit - DANCE & FASHION
  • Image of Deposit - DANCE & FASHION
  • Image of Deposit - DANCE & FASHION

We are super excited to introduce our two passions combined - Fashion and Dance - super exclusive special sessions!

We are currently in production and the dates/locations will be released soon with very limited slots.

We will have several productions attended by amazing dance child/teen CELEBRITIES that you will model with!
Those sessions will only have a maximum of 10 slots available. They will have the highest publicity by far. To be first notified about those, please submit the $100 deposit here. If you are unable to attend, or cannot afford - we will be happy to refund you no questions asked.

The price range for these exclusive dance/fashion sessions will be $750-$1300 - depending on the level of production and if a celebrity is involved.

You can get on the exclusive presale notification list for the non-celebrity sessions by sending an email to studio@olesjamueller.com with your top city of choice and a photo of your dancer.

Once the schedule is set, we will send the invitations to book to the subscribers and then after they had plenty of time to book, we will announce on social media.

What these will look like:
- incredible location/props - the photos attached are of two of the actual locations planned (photos of Lilly K of Dance Moms are taken by us, the other photos are from the location scout and are in TX)
- wardrobe provided
- makeup/hair stylist
- professional choreographer on set!
- video!
- retouched images to blow up wall size if you wish to
- gallery to order more
- no wrong angles/crooked feet/bad form - guarantee
- plenty of social media exposure
- each session will start with a natural headshot look

Send us an email to studio@olesjamueller.com - with your dancer photo and your top city of choice.
We are looking forward to this incredible experience for 2018!